Thaxton Martial Arts  teaches  the

Art of Isshin-ryuKarate which was

created by Master Tatsuo Shimabuku

of Okinawa, and taught to the U.S. 

Marines Corp.  Our  form  of  Isshin-ryu

Karate  is  also  called  American IsshinryuKarate.  In our program you will learn the Isshinryu system of self-defense and exercise.


Our Students

Thaxton Martial Arts offers experienced instructors with 17 years experience in the art of Isshinryu Karate.  Our black-belts have also cross trained in other arts such Shotokan Karate and Kick Boxing,  and  proudly have taught over  2,500 students through the years.

​​​​​​New classes starting on May 1st and July 2nd, 2019.  We accept students from age 7 through senior citizen.  This is a belt-ranked program in Isshin-ryu Karate where you learn the following disciplines. 

1. Techniques and applications in blocking, punching, striking, kicking and stance, 
2. Mechanics and principles behind proper technique, balance, power, energetics and movement, 
3. Various Isshin-ryu  katas (formal exercises) that teach self-defense principles in movement.  
4. Various Isshin-ryu  weapons katas (formal exercises) that teach self-defense using bo staff, sai and sword.
5. Sparring and boxing, also known as kumite, with other students in controlled matches, 
6. And last, various applications and principles in self-defense, knife defense and pain compliance using pressure point and joint manipulation via Kyusho-Jitsu.

     Tuition costs are $50 per month.   That's it!  And, you can attend three times a week.  You won't find a better deal anywhere.   Call 908-444-0805 to register!  

                                                                     Increase strength, flexibility, stamina and health.  Reduce stress.  Drop pounds.  Increase your safety.

Kata (Open Hand & Weapons) -  May 1st 6th, 2019 marks the start of our 8-week kata training classes.  Kata is the official exercise of the martial arts.  It teaches movement, application of martial art technique, balance, timings and self-defense through its movements.  During this course we will teach the Isshin-ryu open-hand and weapon katas.  We will also decipher some of the meanings of these katas to show various self-defense, joint and pressure point attacks contained therein.  This is an excellent course for those wanting to broaden their system of exercise and foundation in the martial arts.   We also offer private lessons and physical condition training.  The cost of private lessons is $20/hr.   Call 908-444-0805 to register!!   

Dojo News -  Kudos to all who participated in our Self-Defense session.  It was a very productive session for our adults and children.  This session we covered multiple defenses against grabs, punches, knife threats.  In covering these scenarios we also studied Kyusho, 15 ways of disarming a knife, joint locking and takedowns, falling, and pain compliance is submitting an attacker.  The dojo is very proud of the accomplishments of all participants.  A big OOSH to all for their participation and support! 

5 Reasons to practice martial arts -  Through my life I have participated in various sports, such as track & field, basketball, football, soccer and tennis.  Each has left me with a greater sense of personal accomplishment and memories that I hold dear.  When my son asked me to enroll him in Karate, I was all too happy.  I anticipated for him the same positive experiences that I experienced in my youth.  I signed up my son, and likewise myself.  Why not?  I was just sitting around waiting for him to finish his lessons anyway.  I also found the teacher fascinating, and wanted to learn more.  So, why not?!  When I signed on, I really didn't know what I was getting myself into.  Now in hindsight, I can honestly say that no sport has contributed to my life more richly than Karate.  And, for those who have joined this sport, I can confidently say that their feeling is mutual.  At a glance, Karate seems intimidating with techniques that seem fancy and suited for the young and athletic.  The personalities may even seem aggressive and intimidating.  However, nothing could be further from the truth.  And, there are some very real benefits that are attainable, and could be yours.  Those benefits are fitness, self-protection, increased focus, marketability and community.

It helps them make new friends - The bond between martial artists is stronger than most other sports. Martial arts are physical, and they require physical confrontation. When confronted with someone of similar size, strength, and skill, students develop a sense of respect for one another. They realize they are capable, and so are others. Out of healthy respect for themselves and others, long-lasting and rewarding relationships develop.

Students learn better human relation skills – During martial arts training, students need to learn the concept of physical space, how physical contact is both an invasion and invasive. The sport literally and figuratively breaks down barriers. Students will confront people of all types and abilities during martial arts training. This kind of exposure helps to prepare them for a dynamic and diverse social environment.

Students learn new coping skills – Your kids deal with a world unlike anything we’ve seen before. The pressures of a social network, expectations, and a world full of need and change are overwhelming for children with no experience to handle it.  Martial arts are an outlet. Their physicality trains physical fitness, which balances the body physiologically and emotionally. But it also emboldens kids with a warrior’s mentality of gratitude, humility, respect, and self-confidence.  The world is full of confrontation. We’ll teach your kids how to thrive with it.​

Students develop better focus and concentration – Practicing martial arts requires patience and persistence. Not everyone is at the same level of skill, but kids need to know that they can change and grow.  Adults too!  A body is the one thing that everyone has that they can always improve. When you show kids that they can get better when they focus on improving their strengths and weaknesses, you provide them with hope that their dreams are possible.  The rewards carry over into every aspect of their lives, like better studying and better behavior at school.  For adults, this also translates to stronger work ethic on the job.

Students develop better respect for authorities – In martial arts, as in life, there is always a teacher and a student, and nothing can replace the value of mentorship. Martial arts, more so than other activities, emphasize discipline and respect for authority. Kids need to learn that they’ll go far on their own, but they’ll go the furthest with the help of others. A teacher’s wisdom is the most valuable kind of guidance. A martial arts teacher sets a standard that helps kids relate better to other figures of authority in their lives, like teachers and parents..


I hope that you will consider becoming a part of this community in 2019.  Karate is a sport of discipline.  However, for those that join this community the benefits that they experience stay with them through life!  Oosh!

Dojo News


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The  Thaxton Martial Arts  dojo is a culturally  diverse  family.   Our students come from various ethnic backgrounds, are male and female, children and adult.  Currently, our students  range  in  age  starting  as young as six years of age through the late fifties.  Depending on the maturity of the student, we accept students from age six  through  senior  citizen.  

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